Meet Earth Rider RC – A Remote-controlled Car That Moves On Land, Water And Air

You might have seen such remote-controlled cars that can even move on any jagged terrain. But I am quite sure you haven’t seen such types of remote-controlled car. Takara Tomy has created such a remote-controlled car that can not only move on land and sea, but also can fly in the air.

Earth Rider RC

The remote-controlled car is called the Earth Rider RC. It has another name too – Land Sea Air RCTakara Tomy unveiled this car at the Tokyo Toy show. Although nothing has been disclosed detailed, we have come to know that this Earth Rider RC car weighs in mere 50 grams and it has blades atop it. With the help of blades, it can fly and and with the help of wheels it can move on any terrain. But how it will be moved on water, is a mystery. We assume that the wheels of this remote-controlled car aren’t powered, but that the force from the quad-copter blades compels it to move it somehow like a car. Here a video of the car.

Apart from these we’ve also come to know that Earth Rider RC car can move/fly/float for around 5 minutes after a 30-minute charge. And the remote control of this car needs 3 pairs of AA batteries to run. Takara Tomy has revealed that it’ll launch this remote-controlled car in Japan this October and it’ll cost around $91 (9,250 yen). Unfortunately there’s no news whether or when this remote-controlled car will be released in the US or what will be its price.

Source: Takara Tomy (Japanese)

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