rockaRoo: A New Electronic Cradle For Babies With MP3 Player


To lull babies, sometimes mothers repose their babies on cradle and gently swing it. And if somehow the cradle gets stopped swing, babies start crying. Keeping that in mind, 4moms has made rockaRoo, one type of electronic cradle that comes with multi-speed control, a speaker, and an MP3 player.

Rockaroo Cradle

The rockaRoo weighs 11.5 pounds and it measures 29.6″ (l) x 16.5″ (w) x 27.5″ (h). rockaRoo flips the swing on its head. It has five rocking speeds, vary from a very gentle movement to super fast. It rocks like a rocking horse, which maximizes the sensation of motion for a baby. However, rockaRoo has following features:

  • MP3 hook-up
  • removable toy balls
  • fabric (both plush and classic) is easy to remove and machine washable
  • suitable from birth to 25 pounds (Discontinue use once child can sit up unassisted)
  • No batteries — just plug it in
  • One-year warranty

Rockaroo Electronic Cradle

rockaRoo has “world’s strongest fiber,” inside the device. With each rocking movement, a baby always gets a different feel. However, rockaRoo costs $160.

Source: 4moms

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