Hacker Takes Control Of Drone Using Google Glass

Google Glass has been around for a few months now and the Explorer edition of the gadget was mostly shipped to developers and hackers. Blaine Bublitz, from the coding company IcedDev, has now been able to hack into Google Glass and use it to control a drone through gestures.

Drone control

Bublitz essentially made use of JavaScript to use Google Glass as the control pad for a quadcopter drone. Initially, he tried to create a program that could understand his simple gestures in front of a LeapMotion tracker and then use these gestures to control a small drone.

However, there were some problems with this small drone. According to Bublitz, “I couldn’t see where the bot was while controlling it. I needed something that could be about eye height, so I could see its movement while controlling it.”

So he grabbed hold of an AR drone and decided to retry his experiment. The commands were sent to the bot via Google Glass and it was able to interpret them quite accurately. So far, the results have been very encouraging and Bublitz has already made headlines all over the tech world.

However, he says that his work needs further improvement and that he’d be working on it further, “Turns out that I was driving the drone at full speed in each direction I tilted my head. I should have had the speed at about 0.3 instead of 1. Lesson learned. I would have also liked to add the ability to rotate the drone left and right based on the Glass’ azimuth value, but I guess that will have to be in the future.”

If you, by any chance, are among the very lucky few who were able to get their hands on Google Glass, you really should head to this GitHub page and download Bublitz’s program.

Source: GitHub

Courtesy: Mashable

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