Twitter App Gets Excluded From Google Glass Permanently

Twitter has always been considered a near-perfect app for running on Google Glass. If you are a zealot of both Twitter and Google Glass, you might not want to uninstall the app from now on, because according to Reddit user, Google Glass has dropped the app, and reportedly, permanently.

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The user, to describe the matter, said that he had uninstalled the app for some time, but later was unable to install it again. He added, “according to glass support Twitter is no longer developing their Glass app,” which indicated that the app is also missing from the app portal of Google Glass.

Since Google Glass does not have any secondary portal from where you can pick up a few different apps, once you lose your Twitter app, you lose it forever. The only alternative is to wait for a third-party app to be developed and getting approval from Google Glass app store, which is too far-fetched from where we stand.

Additionally, one Reddit user who claimed to be a part of the team working behind the Google glass provided a hint that the consumer version of Google Glass is coming really soon. So, did Twitter make a big mistake by stepping away from this product? Only time will tell.

Source: Slash Gear

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