White Colored Google Glass Sold Out In Few Hours

Last week, Google announced that it would sell various colored Google Glass to U.S people only on April 15. And guess what? Out of many colorful Google Glasses, white colored Google Glasses went sold out in few hours.

Google Glass

Ever since Google made Google Glass, many people had been trying to lay their hands on it. But at the beginning, Google just handed over the Glass to mere 10000 people for test purpose. As, Google Glass has the ability translate any foreign signs, so many doctors started using Google Glass to get real-time patient data and Virginia Atlantic started using Glass for providing better service to rich customers. Besides, U.S. Air Force started testing Google Glass for using it in the battlefield.


However, after getting positive vibes from the people who were given Google Glass at primary level, Google decided to jump into mass production. The company later announced that it would sell Google Glass in the U.S only on April 15. And this was the chance that U.S people had been waiting for to acquire a Google Glass.

U.S people (only adult) were able to buy a Google Glass with preferred color from 6:00 am PDT (April 15) for $1500 + tax by visiting Glass’ site. Out of all the colorful Glasses, white colored Google Glass which called Cotton (official name) attracted most people. As a result, within few hours after Google allowed anyone to purchase the product, this model went sold out.

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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