[Video] Musician Will.i.am Made A Smartwatch, Plans To Launch In July

Until now, we have seen many smartwatches made by different companies including Samsung, LGHTC. But during a recent appearance on UK talk show Alan Carr: Chatty Man, musician Will.i.am claimed that he had already made a smartwatch and plans to launch it in July of this year.


During the Alan Carr: Chatty Man talk show, Will.i.am gave a demonstration of self-made (unnamed) smartwatch, claiming that unlike the Samsung Gear range and other smartwatches, his version is able to make phone or receive calls without needing to be connected to a smartphone. The smartwatch can also play music, has support for Bluetooth headphones and can even access services like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Apparently it may seem to you that Will.i.am is bluffing, but it appears that he is serious as he has even mentioned about the smartwatch in Twitter. He tweeted that the smartwatch “is really real” and he “will definitely share more info” later. He has also mentioned that the smartwatch will be launched in July.


Here’s a video showing the revelation of the smartwatch.

Courtesy: Engadget

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