WiTricity’s New Wireless Power System Can Recharge iPhone, Unveiled At CES 2014

Every year many companies unveil their cutting-edge products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The CES 2014 is no different. This year at CES, wireless power firm WiTricity unveiled a new wireless power system that can recharge your iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S without contacting the phone.

WiTricity Unveiled New Wireless Power System At CES 2014

The WiTricity charging system for the iPhone 5/5S includes a wireless charging hub and a charging sleeve that fits an iPhone 5 or 5S. Similar to other protective covers, the WiTricity sleeve quickly slides onto an iPhone 5/5S and is powered when in proximity to the WiTricity charging hub. The WiTricity system provides the following feature:

  • Positional Freedom: Simply place an iPhone 5/5s in its charging sleeve in proximity to the charging hub and the phone charges as quickly as plugging in. Unlike induction pads, there’s no need to position the iPhone exactly in a specific location on the charging hub.
  • Multiple Device Charging: Using a single coil, the WiTricity system allows multiple devices to be charged simultaneously and effectively. With induction-based systems, multiple device charging on a single pad requires multiple coils, driving up the cost of the charging system.
  • Installation Flexibility: Unlike induction mats or other chargers that require physical contact and placement on top of a table or other surface – or major modifications to the table or counter – the WiTricity charging hub can simply be affixed under a table while providing power to the phone through the tabletop. Any table, desk, or counter can be turned into a wireless charging “hotspot” without unsightly clutter or requiring drilling or cutting into the underside or through the surface.

The charging hub is capable of charging two phones concurrently and it can be placed on top of a table as an upright or flat charging pad, or mounted underneath a table or desk for charging through the surface. By mounting the charging pad under a surface, smartphone users are freed from the tangle of charging cords and cluttered desktops.

WiTricity chief Eric Giler said in a statement, “Our team is thrilled to introduce the first wireless charger that works over distance. We’ve seen the transformative nature of our foundational highly resonant wireless power transfer technology in the automotive, medical and military fields, and now plan to change the game in consumer electronics.”

There’s no mention what will be its price or when it will be available. But we hope, it will be available soon. Here’s a video for you.

Source: Business Wire

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