Report Says Samsung Is Readying Galaxy Gear 2 And Galaxy Glass

Samsung made a recent entry into the wearable computers market with its Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Reports now suggest that the company is readying a Galaxy Gear 2 as well as a Galaxy Glass eyewear.

Galaxy Gear 2 concept

Samsung’s original Galaxy Gear made many headlines but it didn’t turn out to be a very popular product. Given that, the company has reportedly gone back to the basics, trying to take out all the uninteresting or dull elements from the watch’s design. Moreover, Samsung is also incorporating a flexible OLED screen in Galaxy Gear 2.

It would appear that Samsung may be ready to turn the Galaxy Gear into a true smartwatch with an extensive list of features, something which lacked in the original Gear. Galaxy Gear 2 may be something which hints at what a smartwatch really should be like. The company is rumored to release Gear 2 in March or April this year.

Another interesting bit of news about Samsung suggests that the tech giant is also preparing a Google Glass competitor. Given its obvious competition, the gadget has been temporarily termed Galaxy Glass by the reporters. So far, the only information divulged by reports about Galaxy Glass say that it will display alerts, allow a user to take calls and play music.

Needless to say that if Samsung does release such an eyewear, it will need to pack a lot more features. The company may unveil the offering at IFA in September this year.

Courtesy: Giga Om

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