Xbox Keyboard and Mouse Support for die-hard Gamers!

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We can somewhat vaguely classify the population of gamers into two distinct categories. The ones who prefer Keyboard and Mouse, and the ones who prefer consoles.

There are people who refuse to buy an Xbox or Playstation because of their preassumed concept that, for utmost Gaming Experience they need a Keyboard and Mouse. As innocent as this individual preference is, it is also a head-scratcher for marketers of Xbox and PlayStation.

A firm cannot ignore the potential of growth just because of a dormant market segment picking an alternative choice over keyboards. First, they need to break the habit and replace it with another one. It is completely doable. But why should they break the habit, when there is a greater chance of completely eliminating an alternative product exploiting this exact preference bias? Sounds too evil right, or does it?

Xbox Keyboard and Mouse Support

Both Mouse & Keyboard and Controller compatibility will enable a gamer to play more games. The games that were meant for Mouse & Keyboard exclusively, can now be sold to gamers who prefer console controllers and vice versa.

Microsoft will soon launch Keyboard and Mouse for Xbox use in partnership with Razer. According to The Verge, Microsoft and Razer has already made a partnership. Microsoft and Razer presented their plans for the partnership in the annual event XFest. Razer has a unique line of Computer Peripherals- Razer’s Chroma Lighting Scheme. The special aspect of this device line is that the mouse and keyboard backlights will change color to reflect whatever is happening within the game.

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If you keep dodging gun fires in a particular game, the lights will stay green. But if you take one or two hits, well, I don’t think there will be a better color to highlight that situation than RED. Fancy right? Razer will make their API available to Game developers. After that developers can custom build the Choram Lighting Scheme that best complement the Video Game.

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