Alan Wake Game Will Be Released Just For PC In February, No Windows Support

A lot of video gamers around the world have anxiously anticipated the release of Alan Wake, the psychological thriller video game. Here are some good news as well as some bad new for them. The good news are that the game will be release in February, which is just around the corner. The bad news is that the new release will not have support for Games for Windows. You still get to play it on a PC or on an Xbox 360 controller still. 

This latest announcement has come from the makers of Alan Wake. This new release is self-published by Remedy and Remedy Entertainment has announced that the company will be fully supporting the Steam platform and will not be using Games For Windows Live any more. The company did not, however, say why it would no longer provide support for Microsoft platforms.

The download through the Steam platform sizes up to 7.5 GB. Moreover, there is no Mac version of this release, so that’s bad news for Mac users. Also, there will be no mod tools released for this game this time.

Image courtesy SS Games Online.

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