Amazon Announces GameCircle Integration For All Android Devices

Although Amazon’s proprietary GameCircle platform has been around for a while, it has been fairly limited. The platform’s support extended primarily to Amazon Kindle tablets. But now, Amazon has announced that the support has now been extended to all Android devices.

Amazon GameCircle

Until now, the platform has been allowing Kindle users to save their game scores, leader boards, achievements and other information in Amazon’s cloud service. While the feature is very useful, it had a very limited audience.

Now, the e-retail giant has stated that the GameCircle platform is open to all Android users. According to an official post by Amazon, “We just released a major update to Amazon GameCircle, our free game service providing achievements, leaderboards, and Whispersync for Games. Games on all Android devices (including Kindle Fire, of course) can now integrate GameCircle, which is easy because we support Java, JNI, and Unity3D. Whether you submit your game to Amazon or Google, customers will benefit from the GameCircle experience.”

Interestingly, Amazon has launched this support right on the heels of Google Play game services, which has just been launched. Some may see this as Amazon’s bid to directly compete Google on this front. But a closer look reveals that Amazon is simply struggling to sustain the viability of its GameCircle platform, because the new Google Play game services may bag even the Kindle users in the long-run.

Source: Amazon

Courtesy: Engadget

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