Dong Nguyens’ Latest Game Swing Copters Accused Of Copying Bog Racer

Super hit Flappy Bird‘s developer has released a latest game named ‘Swing Copters‘ last week. But Dong Nguyen has been accused of copying the idea of the game from another game ‘Bog Racer.’

Open game, the creators of Bog Racer has sent an email to many apps related websites claiming that Swing Copters has stolen its game mechanics. Bog Racer was published in July on Apple Store and Google Play. One Game has developed the game in more than four months and it claimed that it had spend its last penny over a modest advertising campaign to promote its game. But the huge advertising campaign of Swing Copters is ruining its small business.

Bog Racer publishers are looking to take down the Swing Coper from all app stores. In the email sent to us the company said, “We will use all of our modest means to restore justice, and we intend to apply a request that Swing Copters be removed from the app stores. We are well aware that our chances are very slim, which is why we ask for the support of everyone who is partial to our cause.”

As Swing Copters is a massive hit, Google is removing all copycats from the Play Store according to usual game policy. And harshly, Bog racer has been deleted from store. It might be possible that Bog Racer has looked as just like another clone of Swing Copters title and that is unexpectedly got them removed from Google Play.

Some users are saying, Bog Racer is way better than Swing Copters as it’s easy to play. Others are reviewing, Swing Copters is totally a unique game which can not be even compared with Bog Racer. It is almost sure that Bog Racer VS Swing Copters war is going to heat up the media for the next few days, but we would like to leave the final decision of judgement on your hands. If you have tried the both games, vote for your opinion in our poll down below.

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