Angry Birds Space Downloaded More Than Ten Million Times Within Three Days

Angry Birds has been a wildly popular and successful franchise. However, little did we expect the kind of popularity that the new release of the franchise, Angry Birds Space, has garnered. According to Rovio, the game has been downloaded a massive ten million times in less than three days since its launch!! That shows that a whole lot of bird-flinging on rogue pigs isn’t getting boring any time soon.

One possible reason why the game has suddenly gone viral with the fans of the Angry Birds franchise is this: Angry Birds Space offers a significantly different gameplay. It comes with 60 fun-packed levels and the users are already craving for more. Given the rather overwhelming response from the users, Rovio is promising that it will be releasing more, free levels of the game.

Although Rovio did reveal that the game has been downloaded a total of 10 million times so far, it didn’t tell exactly how many of these downloads were of the free version and how many users went for the paid version. Currently, the game is available with both Android and iOS devices. iPhone and iPod Touch users get it for $0.99 while iPad users have to spent a little more by paying $2.99 for it. Android users can get a free version but they will have to bear with the ads. However, Android tablet users will have to pay $2.99 for the game.

The Angry Birds Space fever doesn’t seem to be subsiding soon. In fact, for a while, the trend will only catch up, as was the case with the original Angry Birds release. As far as the revenue from this release is concerned, we will have to wait for an official word on it from Rovio, if the company decides to divulge it that is.

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