ARC: Sony’s New Wii-Style Motion Controller For PlayStation

While Sony still hasn’t confirmed whether its motion controller device will be called the Arc for playstation, the rumor mill has gone one step further this week with a forum-poster claiming it’ll work alongside a Wii-like nunchuk.

GDC is kicking off over in San Francisco this week, so if ever there was a venue to announce a new add-on—or even confirmation of the name—that would be it.

Big button on the Arc

The user, “ichinisan”, says the add-on has an analog stick and X and O buttons and that the L1 and L2 shoulder buttons are underneath the D-Pad.

He also says that the wand contains “one very big button on top”; with Sony’s trademark facebuttons of X, O, Triangle and Square added on; and a trigger marked “T”.

If it is to be revealed, then we will no doubt hear lots more from Sony’s GDC press event on Wednesday.

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