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Battlefield 3 was sneakily announced via a press release for the limited edition of Medal of Honor.Battlefield 3 is one of the most anticipated games in the world and we want to give the dev team as much time and privacy to craft the game without disturbing them with Marketing/PR,” EA says in a statement to Eurogamer…..

Here’s an interesting incentive for snagging the limited edition release of first-person shooter Medal of Honor: a beta invitation to the previously unannounced Battlefield 3. As with prior releases, the Battlefield sequel will be developed by Electronics Arts studio DICE. Players will also have exclusive access to an MP-7 submachine gun and a pair of locked shotguns. Consumers who buy the PlayStation 3 version will also receive a remastered version of the 2002 game Medal of Honor Frontline. Stay tuned for details on Battlefield 3 as they become available.

Sony is introducing another PlayStation Portable bundle packaged with Madden NFL 11, which hits stores August 10. The bundle includes a black PSP-3000, and will sell for $170. The official PlayStation blog has more details. Sony unveiled a similar bundle in 2008 with copies of Madden NFL 09 and a blue PlayStation Portable.

Battlefield 3, long rumored, is finally on its way. We always assumed DICE was secretly tinkering with this while making the Battlefield Bad Company series, and while there’s been off-the-cuff remarks from ex-DICE personnel, EA itself hasn’t formally acknowledged the game until last week’s announcement of the BF3 beta being bundled with the limited edition of Medal of Honor. But that’s all that’s been said about it — so we’re still pretty much in the dark as to what we’ll get with Battlefield 3.

Although all the previous Battlefield games have been PC-only (the Bad Company series is technically a spin-off) that’s only implied to be the case here, not confirmed. Developer DICE have worked on all the mainline entries in the series, starting with the seminal Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Vietnam, the modern day Battlefield 2, and Battlefield 2142. The setting for Battlefield 3 has never been hinted at, but they are running out of obvious time zones and wars so it may just be more modern warfare.

All we know is that BF3 seems to be a multi-platform release (by virtue of being bundled with Medal of Honor), so it will not only be on PC, but also on PS3 and 360. That, and it’s likely to use the Frostbite 2.0 engine (as good as Bad Company 2 was, it was still technically Frostbite one-point-something). So it’s safe to expect even more destructible terrain, and perhaps better tools for supporting more user-mods on PC. But what else do we actually want in it? In basic terms: a delightful blend of Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 2. Basically, we want the aesthetics and destruction of BC2 with the scope and scale of BF2. At the moment, we’re going to roll with a near-future setting; even though BC2 does a pretty good job with the modern-to-future gear, we’d like those aesthetics to be brought into a deeper and more interesting game in BF3. Anyhow, here are some more of our humble suggestions to DICE.

More players: First off, let’s bring back the idea of 64 or more players in a BF match. BF2 demonstrated that absolute madness and memories come about from jamming tons of people onto a map and watching chaos ensue, and the 24-player limit of BC2 pales in comparison to the best of BF2. MAG has shown that it’s possible to do 256 players in a single session on a console, so BF3 needs to step up its player numbers. I realize it’s unreasonable to ask for 256 players plus fully destructible environments, but surely we can get a decent chunk more than BC2’s 24, and still maintain fidelity in demolition.

More classes: BC2 (and, well, Battlefield 2142) streamlined BF2’s seven classes into just four. Rather than a simplified, four-guys-who-are-kind-of-decent-at-multiple-skills, let’s go back to highly focused and defined classes. Re-separate sniper and spec-ops. Take BC2’s engineer and reverse-engineer him back into an engineer and an anti-tank guy. And reward players who stick to one kit with a bigger set of focused tools and abilities. Have players get a better sense of role and identity, rather than the “I can do this and that” that you feel with BC2. While we’re at it, bring back more factions and equipment — we actually miss playing as the MEC during BC2.

More real estate: BF2 was famous for having varied map sizes based on player-count. So, in BF3, you can have your tight map for a 16-person game, and when the player count reaches 32, the map can grow to reveal more of the island you’re fighting on. And when you hit 64, the entire island becomes playable. In BF2, a map could be measured in square kilometers that took considerable time to hoof across. And that sheer distance adds more gameplay variety than the “fighting down a straight corridor” method of BC2 — you can have a better sense of multiple fronts, or individual squads carrying out flanking tactics to support a big main push, and so forth. One idea we have is that the maps are so damn big that they have crazy diverse regions within. Think of a 64-player match on a map where a city is surrounded by dense jungle, or a snow-covered mountain overlooking a forest. Essentially, a map so big that it feels like two distinct BC2 maps put into one large chunk of real estate.

More vehicles: To complement the massive map size, let’s get back to having something like 30-plus vehicles of all kinds. Why limit the game to light tanks and jeeps? Let’s have APCs and boats and gunships. Let’s have multiple types of heavy tanks. Bring back the glory days of coordinating vehicle rides to cross the expansive maps. Heck, let’s bring back jets. Air power shouldn’t just be helicopters — BF3 could herald the glorious return of F-15s and the A10 while also adding things like the AC130 or a B2. Sure, people will still invariably suck at piloting them, but man alive, the ability to pound the map with 105mm howitzers will make up for lackluster pilots.

More command: With all the craziness going on, it’s time to bring back the Commander. Have a player call the big shots for his team out in the field. Have him survey the map, and perform his BF2 duties of calling in bigger artillery, dropping in supplies, and using radar to guide everyone. But in addition, let’s give him more cool tasks. How about calling in (and guiding) a cruise missile? Or maybe designating squad deployment areas — so that individual soldiers can opt to either spawn on top of their squad like in BC2, or jump into one of the Commander’s designated spot.

More tracking: In light of all the new toys and activities we’re asking for, it’d make sense to up the stat tracking. BC2 does a pretty nice job, but with all the weapons, vehicles, and commander actions, it’s time to adopt a detailed-MMO-level approach to stat tracking. Dogtags, pins, unlocks, kills, streaks, support actions — have it all feed into some sort of “Encyclopedia Battlefieldia.”

More modes: The Bad Company series did a great job of adding more modes on top of the traditional conquest. Rush and Onslaught, adapted for a game of BF2’s scale, would be welcome. But let’s not forget everything about BF2142. In principle, the Titan mode where teams would breach and destroy a mobile base, could still work. Maybe it gets converted into storming roving battleships or floating fortresses. But basically, in case you haven’t gotten the point by now, we’re hoping that DICE just cherry picks the best stuff from Battlefield and Bad Company and blends them into one crazy uber-package with BF3. As a bonus for the more visually minded, here’s a “charticle” version of this story. What would you want to see in Battlefield 3?

It doesn’t seem to matter whether you buy the console or PC version of the Medal Of Honor limited edition set, although if you get the PlayStation 3 version you’ll also received a downloadable copy of PlayStation 2 game Medal Of Honor: Frontline. The other formats only get a collection of extra weapons to use in-game.


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  1. that afro

    Just give me BF2 with frostbite gfx, balanced maps, and most importantly, solid hit detection and I will play until they fire me at my job.

  2. coolkids22

    ya know what they need is super realistic models of the armed forces, check out arma 2 and good graphics, you also need GEAR CUSTOMIZATION!!!! like in socom confrontation, and so you can add more then 2 attachments

  3. Wraither

    great article and I agree with everything and what the first poster said, bring us back a BATTLEFIELD game, not a ported version of call of duty and call it a battlefield game, In my opinion Bad company is not even part of the BF franchise….

  4. mimicus


  5. Mbeeman0418

    “Although all the previous Battlefield games have been PC-only (the Bad Company series is technically a spin-off) that’s only implied to be the case here, not confirmed”

    Do research before writing the article and misinforming people.

    Battlefield WASN’T PC-Only until the bad company series.
    They had plenty of battlefield’s for the PS2

  6. Jill

    Well if you to be specific, the first Battlefield for the console was BF Modern Warfare,. Before that. the PC had BF 1942, two BF1942 expansions and BF 2 and expansions, plus the numerous community mods.

    I don’t think 1 game for the PS2 is considered as “plenty”. Bad Company had left a bitter taste in my mouth when it wasn’t released for the PC. Their reason : no PC is capable of rendering the destruction engine. It was blatant lie and no one likes to be lied to. I was happy that BC2 was released for the PC too then got sad again when BF 1943 was not released at all. Go and research it – it’s stilll postponed even when BF3 is announced.

    I do hope BF3 retains the amazing features from BF2, especially the mod tools. If weren’t for the Desert Combat mod for BF1942, DICE wouldn’t have been inspired to make a modern game. DICE could still be making WW2 Battefields if weren’t for the high interest in that mod by other gamers.

  7. Svinyard

    I like your suggestions. So basically you want Project Reality but more arcade style play for the madness. Anyone played PR on BF2? The map sizes DWARF anything you’ve ever played, even old school Delta Force maps…but now I’m dating myself.

  8. Maxx

    I would not buy this game. EA has a complete inability to deal with hackers. Anyone who plays any game in BF franchise knows how quickly their games turns south when the hackers get in there. EA drags their feet for months to years to get a patch out, a patch that may deal with one generations of hacks while the hacking community is 5 generations ahead. Then they severely restrict efforts of honest players to curtail it for themselves.

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