Black Mesa: Half-Life 2 Mod That Stormed The Internet

Black Mesa is the complete reconstruction of famous first person shooter game Half-Life 2. After release of the latter in 1998, it will be first ever modification made to the game. The third-party conversational modification software “Black Mesa” is the result of eight years of research. It “will throw you into the world that started the Half-Life continuum and introduced Gordon Freeman, the gun-toting, bullet-dodging Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics.”

Black Mesa cover

There are a lot of features included in this modification. The scenes will be same as in the original game but lot of graphical modifications have been made especially in water and lighting effects. The old GoldSrc engine did not possess these qualities. This engine use graphical elements and features of the famous Havok game engine as references. Not only that, the developers also made some modifications on game levels. They cut off unnecessary sequences that just prolong the level without having significant impact. But the level mapping is now 15 to 20 percent larger with new locations than the original. Therefore, players will have the pleasure to explore more. This modification, however, does not change original gameplay tactics so much. Black Mesa will reintroduce the original Half Life characters such as Doctor Gordon Freeman, along with others.

Black Mesa was first noticed by gamers in 2010 after its first appearance. Then again it became talk of the town on June, 2012, after receiving more than 20,000 likes in its Facebook page. It was developed by 13–members of Black Mesa Modification team. The music and sound tracks were composed by Joel Nielsen for this version. Upon release through internet on September 14,2012; it instantly snatched the eyes of gamers for offering the game completely free of cost.

In the first two days, the mod became a hot cake among Half-Life fans. The game is available at

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