Corsair Launches New Gaming Keyboard & Mouse In Market With Vengeance

Corsair made two separate announcements on their new line of Vengeance gaming accessories. Last year they released a handful of gaming products. Corsair has returned to the gaming peripheral market with gaming keyboard & laser mouse. All of these new peripherals fall under the Vengeance brand. The Vengeance lineup consists of two keyboards and two mouse aimed at different gaming genres and a trio of noise-cancelling headsets.

Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

Keyboard models are K60 and K90, mouse models are M60 and M90 laser gaming mouse.

Vengeance K60 (FPS) ($109)
Cherry MX Red mechanical key switches for more agile movement and faster multi-taps. Its contoured left-wrist rest plus shaped and textured WASD key caps. It has an advanced key matrix design that delivers complete anti-ghosting, 20-key rollover and 1ms reporting rate (1000 reports per second).

K60 Keyboard

Vengeance M60 (FPS) ($69)
It has Enthusiast-grade Avago 5700 DPI sensor with on-the-fly resolution switching. It contains an aluminum uni body design with adjustable center of gravity. It has programmable lift detection, a high-mass scroll wheel, PTFE glide pads and a Sniper button for instant toggle from fast movement down to a high-precision mode.

M60 Mouse

Vengeance K90 (RTS) ($129)
Cherry MX Red key switches for more agile movement and faster multi-taps. It has full anti-ghosting, 20-key rollover, 1ms reporting rate 18 dedicated, programmable macro keys and included 3 user-selectable banks of macros that are stored in flash memory. Its Back-lit keys with a cool blue LED that can be adjusted to three different levels of intensity.

K90 Keyboard

Vengeance M90 (RTS) ($79)
It has 15 fully programmable buttons, On-board flash memory and an Avago 5700 DPI sensor. it contains programmable lift detection, high-mass scroll wheel, PTFE glide pads, Vengeance software utility for managing macro keys, on-board profiles, and sensor settings.

M90 Mouse

Vengeance 1500 ($99) and Vengeance 1300 ($79)
Custom-engineered 50mm drivers and careful acoustic tuning. High-sensitivity, noise-cancelling cardioid microphone helps ensure effective team play. it has Vengeance 1500 connects via USB and delivers 7.1 and 5.1 Dolby Headphone positional audio. Vengeance 1300 connects via sound card using dual 3.5mm headphone and microphone connectors.

Vengeance 1500

Vengeance 1100 ($39)
USB and 3.5mm analog connectors provided in the same package. It has 40-mm drivers, High-sensitivity and noise-cancelling cardioid microphone.

Vengeance 1100

Corsair Vengeance gaming accessories are expected to be available in October 2011 from authorized Corsair retailers worldwide.

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