Win A Guinness World Record By Gaming Hard

Gamers are usually played for the sheer fun they afford the person playing. In fact, with advanced 3D games, the games have grown pretty addictive. However, if you want recognition for all those years you’ve put into gaming, now would be the moment. Guinness World Records folks are bringing together a three-day event during which you can prove you mettle.

Gaming has been a fun activity for a long time. But over time, it has been given a serious thought by some serious folks around the world. From psychologists to social scientists, people now consider it a part of society and tend to treat it accordingly.

For such gamers who have been gaming for quite some years and really want to prove that they are really good at it, they now have a chance to do so. During the three-day event being organized by Guinness World Records, all you have to do is play the iOS versions of Mega Jump, Monster Shooter and Slam Dunk Basketball.

The games which you have to play may not seem too common or popular since they have been randomly selected. Nonetheless, all you got to do is play the game and garner a high score which you then have to submit to the leaderboard and the reward service Kiip. Those who top the list will get their ‘Highest Score Achieved’ certificates for each of the three games.

The names of the highest score achievers will also be included in the 2013 record book. While gaming is fun in itself, those of you who think along the lines of Kiip’s CEO when he says that Kiip has ‘always thought that the Guinness World Record is the ultimate achievement’, should go forth and compete for recognition.

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