Crazy Taxi™: City Rush Hits The Road With One-Touch Crazy Driving

Crazy Taxi™: City Rush is brand new action franchise of Sega‘s popular arcade phenomenon which is featuring a ‘one-touch’ control scheme this time! You will tap or swipe to maneuver to drive your crazy taxi around the city.

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If we look around for the people who never played Crazy Taxi, probably we will get very few numbers. Since 1999, Sega has been rolling out this franchise on different platforms. But the new Taxi™: City Rush is a great association between Crazy Taxi creators Kenji Kanno and Hardlight Studios who have also owned other great games including Sonic Dash.


Crazy Taxi™: City Rush is all about the race in the city to drop your passengers on time. So, the crazier you drive, the higher is your rewards throughout the game. You can also earn bonus by beating the clock and busting things up. It has got pretty simple control with easy to execute lane as you have to swipe to change the lanes, touch and hold to take corners and non-stop quick-tap to brake when you reach the destination.


In the game, you can compete with your friends by signing into your Facebook account and may be you can turn into the best taxi driver on the planet. There are bunch of special missions and challenges through the normal city toute and crazier route. You can earn more by hiting the crazy route and higher speed. Most interestingly, you can listen your favorite music during your drive from your own music library.


For the first time, this crazy game is a freemium among the all franchises. You can easily download from link given below without spending single penny. But there are loads of upgrades in-game and if you want to upgrade right away, then there are in-app purchasing options for game cash.

Download Link

App Store Link: Click Here
Android Link: Click Here
Price: Free

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