Diablo 3 Beta Testing Going On: Diablo 3 Release Date Speculation Before Christmas

The much awaited fantasy and horror game Diablo 3 most probably is coming this year before Christmas. This weekend the developer Blizzard Entertainment published an image of the box from which speculation is rising that the game is coming soon. I know you all want confirmation but sorry to say that I cant give you any official release date. It’s the third sequel of the Diablo series by Blizzard. The last one was released in 2000 & still it’s one of the most popular online role-playing game.

Blizzard Entertainment chief executive Mike Morhaime first broke the announcement of Diablo 3 Beta Testing in May. After that everyone was waiting about the result of the test. The gamers can’t wait to know the release date. Already some news has been spread that some exciting new features will be coming. According to Wagerrun, “Now, as the 1st day of August starts, some sources have confirmed that Diablo 3 will promote a regional auction house where players can sell and buy items in exchange for real world-money.”

According to Venturebeat

A leaked launch schedule for some of Blizzard Entertainment’s top franchises, including World of Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft noted a fourth-quarter release for Diablo 3 and indicated that a localized version of the game for Brazil would come out in the third quarter this year, which Blizzard Entertainment unveiled last Thursday.

According to Blizzard’s technical game designer Wyatt Cheng, Diablo 3 is based around customization. In other words, “not only is Blizzard figuring out ways to get you new loot, XP, and new skills and character tweaks as you move through the game itself, but the team is then focusing on getting you to make informed choices about which ones you want to use.”


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