EA Makes Original Dungeon Keeper For Free On GOG This Weekend

For Valentine’s Day weekend, GOG and Electronic Arts (EA) have teamed up for a special promotion to fans of the original “Dungeon Keeper” for PC. Now, original Dungeon Keeper is available for free on GOG.

Dungeon Keeper

“Dungeon Keeper,” original designed in 1997 by Peter Molyneux and Bullfrog Productions, is a strategy game where players build and manage a dungeon while defending it from invaders and monsters. Since its first release, the franchise has attained something of a cult status among gamers. But the release of the free-to-play version of “Dungeon Keeper” was poorly received thanks to its heavy-handed mechanics, which many critics have described as “pay-to-play.”

And now, all on a sudden, GOG has announced that the original 1997 Dungeon Keeper game will be free for download from Friday through Sunday from its website. It is to be noted here that the game will also include the Deeper Dungeons expansion.

If you’re not a registered GOG member, you should probably go ahead and register yourselves, click on a link on the site’s home page to redeem your voucher, and you are good to go. Here’s the demo of Dungeon Keeper.

Source: Ubergizmo

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