Facebook PS Vita App Pulled From PlayStation Store

Facebook has been increasingly important for everyone, be that an avid gamer or a professional. For gamers, the integration of social experience within a game console was realized when they received a Facebook app for PS Vita. The app was launched for European users at the start of this week. It was also released for the users in US a day later. However, now Sony has pulled the app from PlayStation store without any explanation.

Apparently, the app hadn’t been fully functional and was released pre-maturely. It doesn’t look like an accidental launch because the launch in two major regions must have been well meditated. However, now the app is no longer available. PS Vita users have been having problems with logging into Facebook using the app. On trying, they receive a ‘NP-13144-3’ error message.

It seems that after the release of the app, one or more bugs or some kinds of problems may have been discovered which forced the Sony to pull the app from PlayStation Store, at least for now. A Sony official has confirmed that the app has been pulled and that they are “currently looking into this to restore it to normal operational status.” Let’s hope the next time the app is released for good.

Image courtesy 366 project.

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