Game Developer Returns to 2D With City-Building Game “Medieval Mayor”

Titled Mill Entertainment is famous for developing city-building games like Caesar I to IV, Pharaoh, Emperor, and Master of Olympus: Zeus. All the games are praised for their extraordinary game plots and 3D contents. Next year, Tilted Mill is going to launch a new city-building game called “Medieval Mayor”. The interesting thing is, it will return to a 2D engine, instead of 3D.


Yes, that’s right. After a long time, city-building strategy game goes back to 2D. According to Tilted Mill, the decision is based on the realization that “2D works better in terms of players being able to tell what’s going on at a glance.” The game play will also use older techniques, such as road blocking system, instead of modern ” radius-based or pseudo walker systems.” Not only that, in each mission, players have to upgrade and play into the city that they already built. And, the game may get social integration, even though it won’t support multi-player capabilities.

Thanks to: Wikipedia

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