Gameloft offers some of its iPad games for less

There is a deal between gameloft and iPad.Gameloft is offering some of its popular iPad games for less.

Not everything has been reduced down to 59p/99c/€0.79, though – this is the iPad we’re talking about here after all – so here’s a quick rundown of all the affected games:

Games that cost 99 cents:

* Hero of Sparta HD
* Real Football/Soccer 2010 HD
* NFL 2010 HD
* Brain Challenge HD

Games that cost $2.99:

* Chess Classics HD

Games that cost $4.99:

* Modern Combat Sandstorm HD
* Gangstar West Coast Hustle HD

As with the iPhone sale, the 59p games have the ominous words, ‘limited time only’ added to their descriptions. We’ve already tried to contact Gameloft to find out when that actually means

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