Why Google Hired Game Designer Noah Falstein?

Google recently did a high-profile hiring, which indicates that the search giant may be planning something on the gaming front. Noah Falstein, who is a very notable gaming veteran, has joined the company as ‘Chief Game Designer.’

Noah Flastein

Google hasn’t exactly revealed what it is that Falstein is working on. In the past, Falstein has worked at many wildly popular gaming titles as well as at many notable companies. For instance, he has worked at Dreamworks Interactive and LucasArts and has been the designer for many hit gaming titles.

The LinkedIn profile of Falstein simply cites his new position at Google and doesn’t elaborate on his job description. Apparently, Google is keeping its gaming project under wraps for now. Some analysts have speculated as to what this project may possibly be. For instance, it can be an attempt to create augmented-reality games for the Google Glass.

At the same time, there is an equal possibility that Google may be working on developing games for Android. However, it doesn’t make sense to hire such a high-profile person for a mere Android game.

It is important to note here that Falstein has also worked on such gaming projects which aim to improve health or education, rather than providing mere entertainment. It is possible that the search giant is working on a similar project and made the hiring for it. Either way, all this remains speculation until Google decides to reveal the details.

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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