GTA V Pulled Off 50% Of All Game Sales In September

Grand Theft Auto V was released only recently and the game has been able to garner huge sales, breaking many previous records in the gaming industry. While the game was the first to race to $1 billion in a single weekend, fresh numbers reveal that it accounted for 50% of all game sales made in September this year.


Gaming industry witnessed a slight slump before August this year. However, the month August registered a slight growth in overall game sales. This was followed by the release of GTA V which turned September into a frenzy of unprecedented game sales.

The latest numbers released by NPD Group show that GTA V was able to perform exceptionally well during the month of September. According to NPD analyst Liam Callaham, “Grand Theft Auto represented over 50% of dollar sales in September, and had the highest first month sales than any other previous launch in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.”

Naturally, the sales volume of GTA V is sure to trickle into the game sales of October too. This is good news for the gaming industry at large especially because it has resulted in an overall positive growth of the arena. The volume of game sales is expected to continue to improve in the coming days as we near the release of upcoming game consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One.

Not only that, the last quarter of the year also packs the holiday season which is often beset with high game console sales. These will inevitably lead to a heightened sale of games as well.

Courtesy: BGR

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