Microsoft May Announce Its Next Generation Xbox On May 21

Microsoft was expected to introduce its next-generation of Xbox game console in April. Recently, reports revealed that Microsoft pushed forward the date to May.


Microsoft was expected to introduce its next generation of Xbox on April 24. Lately, Windows blogger Paul Thurrott has revealed that Microsoft is planning to announce its next-generation of Xbox on May 21.

According to Thurrott, the next-generation of Xbox is code-named Durango and its price will be around $500 for the regular console itself and $300 for a subscription-based model. He believes, Microsoft will unveil the console at the E3 event in Los Angeles in June of this year and the product will hit the shelves in November of this year.

Though Microsoft hasn’t confirmed the name of its next-generation of Xbox, people are speculating that the next-generation of Xbox would be called Xbox 8 or Xbox 720. We’ve heard that the next-generation of Xbox will come with Blu-Ray Player and Siri like feature. The next generation of Xbox is expected to come with Kinect camera and might need a ‘always on’ Internet connection.

Source: CNET, The Verge

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