Metal Gear Arcade Coming On 3D With Head Tracking Technology

Metal Gear arcade will be playable at Japan’s AOU Expo this weekend. The attractive thing is that it will be playable in 3D where you will wear a a sci-fi-looking headset that adds stereoscopic 3D effects and head tracking to the game. Back at E3 last summer, Hideo Kojima announced Metal Gear Arcade, an arcade version of his tactical shooter. To mark the occasion, Konami has released a new trailer and two new screenshots of the Metal Gear Online–based arcade cabinet. The trailer is available on the game’s website.

Konami has also confirmed that the game will support stereoscopic 3D via a set of glasses, which also doubles as a motion sensing head-tracking device enabling players to scroll the screen, set targets, and direct movement with their heads.

The game was first unveiled last June but has gone fairly unpublicized since then. At AOU, Konami was highlighting the built-in headset which not only makes use of 3D technology to enable the “Integral Vision” gameplay aspect, but also recognizes head movement of the player so that when you turn your head, Snake will look the same way in the game. For further immersion, Konami has also thrown in a mic for voice chat functionality and giant speakers that completely surround you while playing.

You can watch the videos for the game here, where it (briefly) shows the glasses, but that’s not really what it’s going to be like. You’re going to be strapped in with a 5.1 system wrapped around your head, a gun in your hands, and freaking VR goggles on your eyes with the excellent graphics of the latest Metal Gear pretty much fooling you into thinking you’re actually there.

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