Ouya Sells Out At Amazon Within Hours, Available At Many Other Retailers

Ouya, the wildly popular Android-based game console which was able to steer a very successful KickStarter campaign, was finally made available to the public this morning. Within hours, the Ouya stock on Amazon was at an end, although the console was still available with a number of other retailers at a price of $99.


The demand for the console has been exceptionally high, with the company claiming that it has already dished out tens of thousands of units to early backers. As far as the stock-out at Amazon is concerned, since it is not known exactly how many units were made available with the e-retailer, we can’t be sure how many units Amazon has sold.

The nifty console packs an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor together with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. The best thing about Ouya is that while packing excellent hardware and software features, it arrives at a price of mere $99. When compared to other consoles in the market, this is the cheapest possible price.

To entice the gamers further, the Ouya console comes with 170 free-to-try games and the prices of paid games are substantially lower. The company that nearly 10,000 developers around the globe have already signed up to create content for the platform. In other words, we can except frequent Ouya game launches.

Although Ouya had been a little behind the schedule in launching, it has entered the market at a critical juncture. The likes of Microsoft and Sony are due to launch their own next-generation game consoles soon. The availability of Ouya, just ahead of them, may make the new console a major player in the gaming industry.

Courtesy: Techspot

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