[App of the Week] PAC-MAN Friends: Explore The New Dimension

PAC-MAN Friends is new a dimension of Classic PAC-MAN franchise and has already taken the title of ‘App of the Week‘ in Apple App Store. This fast-paced game will take you have a journey through challenging mazes.

PAC-MAN Friends, presented by BANDAI NAMCO, features Steer clear of Blinky who is the leader of the gang. Like previous franchise, the gang has included Pinky, Inky and Clyde along with some new characters. There are a lot of challenging obstacles which can take your life throughout your journey. You can take the flashing Power Pellets and use this on ghosts so that they never get old.

PAC-MAN Friends has arrived with 95 entirely new challenging stages along with Dark Mazes. In this 95 stages, you will explore 6 new worlds and through the journey, you can save your 9 friends by unlocking them. All of these friends have got unique powers like invisibility to Ghosts, illumination, wall crashing and many more.

You can collect fruits while exploring the worlds and afterward, you can use them for something better. For example, you can use cherries to save life of PAC-MAN or his friends and they can continue their journey. Collecting keys will help you to open the next episode of the game. There are also some boosts which can give you the edge and hot the fastest possible time.

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The new franchise of PAC-MAN is currently available on both Apple and Android devices for FREE. You can just download it and pass some wonderful time during your Halloween break.

Download Links

iTunes Link: Click Here
Android Link: Click Here

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