PlayStation 4 Concept Design

Continuing where the slim PS3 left off, this PS4 concept is said to comprise of 60% recyclable materials, magnesium alloy and carbon, using up zero watts of juice while on standby and it seems that this is done thanks to a switch that will turn the power off from the outlet every half hour, drawing juice from its rechargeable battery for about five minutes to keep it going. This concept PS4 features 1.5TB HDD, full 3D 4K2K compatibility, DLNA, HDMI Connect, 3D Blu-Ray, USB 3.0, DPConnect Bravia Sync, Sony Ericsson sync, Qriocity, cloud saving, live TV and whole bunch of widgets…………….


The PlayStation 3 isn’t even near its projected 10 year lifecycle yet, although time has surely flown by since the PS3 debuted a few years back with the advertising tagline that it was the cheapest Blu-ray player in the market at that time and the PS3 has yet to be maximized by developers although they are getting there, which means Sony would do well to be working on a PS4. This means that if this concept was to ever enter production, then what you will get is a PS4 that is made form 60 percent recyclable materials and will use 0 watts while in standby mode. If this were the case, then this will not only make utility bill payers happy, but also environment agencies as well. The concept that was dreamt up by designer Joseph Dumary has incorporated features that you would get from a PC. The feature that impresses us the most is how you could turn a console off, and then turn it on and have your game ready from where you left off – much like a program on your computer. All this will be done without a full restart of the games console, which will mean that it will use far less electricity.


Yanko Design says that another eco feature would be an auto shut off if the PlayStation 4 has not been used for more than 30 minutes. We are looking at a 1.5TB hard drive, although SSD would be preferable if they wish to stick to its eco credentials, also full 3D with 3D Blu-ray, Cloud saving, HDMI, DPConnect Bravia Sync and so much more. There are rumors that the PS4 could be launched sometime next year and could be the last next-gen console of its kind. There was even a suggestion that both Sony and Microsoft could get together to build the ultimate games console.We really cannot say for certain if and when the PlayStation 4 will be released, but when it does we know that it will be something very special. There have been many designs appear on the Internet, but this has to be the first one that is plausible and with its eco theme is one that is keeping with a trend that most electronics products try to adhere to.





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