[App of the Week] RGB Express: Easy To Play But TruckLoads Of Challenge!

RGB Express is a mini truck puzzle game where you have to deliver the preferred packages using your delivery truck. You have to plan your route very intelligently to make sure that every house gets the correct color of package.


Apple‘s editors have slashed ‘RGB Express – Mini Truck Puzzle game’ in the App Store‘s weekly Free App of the Week promotion. Bad Crane Ltd presents RGB Express has released at the end of the last month, but already achieved Pocket Gamer: 9/10 GOLD Award. Unique game play and quite challenging puzzle game is also highly recommended by The Unofficial Apple Weblog.


The journey of RGB Express will start with some Training Day. As company is specialized in delivering correct color of product without any accident, two trucks are not allowed to use the same road. So from the begging, you have to plan your maps carefully to draw the route of all trucks. There are red, blue, green, yellow colored truck which carries the only same colored goods. If you are driving red colored truck then you have to pick to red goods and deliver that goods to red colored building. This is how delivery operations keep going and you earn money for each successful delivery.


RGB Express has currently 240 different levels and more are coming with new update. Although it sounds pretty easy game, but in reality its pretty challenging and addictive as well. At some point, you will get a mysterious write car as promised. There are also five hints what you can use if you get stuck at some point. You can buy more hints from In-App purchases and solve the tricky levels.

This well crafted puzzle game is now absolutely FREE in App Store. If you are puzzle lover, you should give a try from the link given below.

Download Link

App Store Link: Click Here
Size: 19.8 MB

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