Project Natal is on Smallville

You all know about the Project Natal now. it’s not a normal console. It depends on the special motion control system. Microsoft wowed the world last year at E3, with a demonstration of Project Natal, a full-body motion control system for the Xbox 360. Now Project Natal makes a came of Smallville, the popular TV show. They didn’t guarantee the ability to fly.

Microsoft’s Project Natal is add-on for Xbox 360. Project Natal add-on for the Xbox 360 will ship in time for the 2010 holiday-shopping season. Microsoft on June 1st unveiled Project Natal, an ambitious gesture-based motion control system that utilizes an advanced camera and microphone to facilitate three-dimensional motion tracking, facial recognition. Plus it recognizes voices, and totally immerses the players into the game. You can use your own gear like a skate board and such. Basically, it is better than Wii in the interactive gaming field.

In a video. Project Natal’s Smallville cameo is shown there. Yesterday the Smallville fans got the chance to watch in their Tv screen. The clip shows, girls are likely to be more impressed by someone that can fly.

Project natal On Smallville [Video]

Source: Engadget


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