Last Cubelet Of Curiosity Has Been Tapped, Revealing Its Secret

Curiosity is an amazing project launched by Peter Molyneux seven months ago. It was an experiment of sorts, which involved people tapping at the cubelets of a giant cube and chipping away to reach to the center. Now, as it turns out, someone has finally reached the center and revealed the secrets of Curiosity.

Curiosity cube

Naturally, when Molyneux first launched Curiosity, many questioned as to what secret the cube held. People wanted to have something to look forward to, if they were to chip away at the cubelets. Rather than revealing anything about it, Molyneux simply stated that the answer, held at the heart of the cube, is life-changingly amazing.

With that promise, people from all around the globe became a part of the experiment. They would tap the cubelets to remove them, hoping that one of them would reach the center one day. And now, the lucky person to have done so has turned out to be Bryan Henderson of Edinburgh.

Henderson was the person who effectively removed the last block on the last layer and thus, gained access to Curiosity’s secret. He was presented with the option that he can keep the revealed secret to himself or share it with the world. Much to the relief of thousands around the globe, he chose to share it with the public.

To discern exactly what was contained in the cube, watch the video posted below.

Apart from this, Henderson also stands to receive a substantial sum of money through a share in the total revenue of the game. Moreover, he will be accorded god-like powers in Molyneux’s upcoming game, Godus.

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