Sony Back In The Game With PlayStation Vita Handheld

The gaming industry has evolved a lot since the inception of smartphones. More and more gamers are taking a liking to play games online, through apps which are affordable and light. However, the gaming leaders, such as Sony, still offer the best technology to play games with. Sony has finally released the long-awaited PlayStation Vita. The question is, can Sony regain the supremacy in the gaming industry it had once enjoyed through this handheld?

The launch, for now, is limited to Japan where, according to media, thousands of fans lined up for hours to grab at the latest gaming sensation. It is important to note that this device from Sony has come nearly seven years after Sony launched PlayStation Portable. Here are some eminent features which, apart form the unquestionable excellent of technology Sony has, comes with the PlayStation Vita:

Group chats:
You can have group chats, chats with friends who are playing games other than you and even with friends of friends. You can add up to eight people in a single conversation and let the chatting party rollin’. The most interesting aspect of course is the cross-game chat. Imagine your friend telling you how he was carrying a streak in Call of Duty and you responding with your latest score on the Angry Birds 2.0.

Internet connectivity:
In US, Sony has brought up AT &T as it’s default carrier. Through it’s network, you can access internet in virtually all of US and connect to your friends, and your games online, on the go!

Find friends and gamers in real life:
I must say this comes off as the coolest feature to me! Not only ┬ácan you connect to friends online, you can also locate their real time locations. How cool it would be to discover that the online friend of yours you’ve been gaming with for years lived just a block away.

Currently, the wi-fi and 3G enabled version of the device is available for $299.99 while the wi-fi only version can be purchased at $249.99. These prices are for the US users.

Many analysts have called this too late a move by Sony. The fact is that over recent years, the smartphone companies have grabbed 58 percent of gaming revenues in US. And all the losses have been on Sony’s side. Now, too, Sony is letting the lucrative holiday season pass on and is set to released Vita after the holidays. Again, this takes away a huge potential sales chunk from it’s share. Sony may well have to adapt to the fast-evolving gaming market or face the music, even if it has the best gaming technology.

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