Sony Launched Radically New PlayStation Store In The US

Good news for the PlayStation 3 gamers in the U.S. Sony Entertainment has launched a completely new and heavily modified PlayStation store for the PS3 game lovers. Currently the new store is available in the U.S. only. However, Sony ensured that gradually this feature will roll out to the whole world. The new store was scheduled to be released in early October. But because of last-minute updates and improvements, the redesigned PlayStation Store was delayed till the first week of November.


Sony Entertainment has brought a lot of changes in the interface of PlayStation Store. Some of its main features are-

      • PS3 players in U.S. will be able to access an entirely new and intensely visual interface with the aid of very small online update.
      • The blue,static design is now extinct. Instead of it, a new horizontal browsing scheme with parallax visual effects and updates is now available.
      • New Streamlined menu layout will make searching lot easier.
      • A new line of button configuration layout has made its debut through this PS store, which will let players control their PS3 games in an effective way.
      • The new PS Store will line up more popular downloads, DLC contents and add-ons in a single click browser.
      • The new PS Store serves the graphical content based on connection speed.

It is claimed that this new PlayStation store is a teaser of the upcoming PlayStation 4 platform If it is true, then Sony deserves praises from the gaming community.

Source: The Verge, Joystiq

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