THQ Plans On Offering Linux Support For Its Games

THQ is a very well-known name in the arena of game developers. The company has been behind some very popular game titles and bundles. However, many Linux users have been complaining about the lack of support THQ’s games carry for Linux machines. The company may be planning on changing that now.

THQ Humble Bundle

THQ has recently made a lot of headlines on the gaming blogs due to its recent offering of the Humble Bundle. The bundle carries a number of THQ games such as Warhammer, Company of Heroes, Red Faction Armageddon and others.

However, soon after the bundle was released, criticism was directed towards it, primarily by the Linux users. This is because the games offered through the bundle offered no support for Linux machines and were compatible with Windows machines only.

Linux users were quick to register their disappointment and reached out to the company to display that they really wanted to play THQ games only if the company would ship them with Linux support. The president of THQ, Jason Rubin, has now tweeted that he has indeed taken note of all the feedback that has reached him regarding the lack of Linux support in Humble bundle.

According to him, “Got the Linux message loud and clear via #HumbleBundle feedback. Evaluating cost/benefit as we speak.” This could mean that Linux users may finally be able to play the THQ game titles on their machines in the coming future. In fact, the support for Linux may possibly be added in the next games bundle that the company ships.

Source: Twitter

Courtesy: Phoronix

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