Turn Your iPad 2 Into Game Boy

Lootiful has a line of snap-on iPWN cases that protect your iPhone in style by making it look like a Nintendo Gameboy and has now extended its retro gaming cases to the iPad 2. The Lootiful case is available for pre-orders only at this time and the company isn’t unveiling the final price just yet for this unique case and the company does sell smaller cases like the upcoming iPad 2 case but just for the iPhone 4 and they cost $18USD each…………….


You can now add a splash of game boy appearance to the Apple iPad 2 in the form of the iPad 2 Game Boy case. Now you can merge the latest tech with the old as according to an article over on Akihabara News, owners of the Apple iPad 2 can at some point in the future place a pre-order for the iPad 2 Game Boy case, although at present there’s no mention as to what price the Game Boy case for the iPad 2 will actually cost. Those that just might like to step back in time and give their iPad 2 a Game Boy look, according to Lootiful, where you can eventually grab the accessory, the iPad 2 Game Boy case it’s friggin’ sweet. Furthermore if you also happen to own the iPhone 4, Lootiful also make Game Boy cases for the Apple smartphone with the standard iPhone 4 Game Boy case costing $17.99 or there is a limited edition iPhone 4 Game Boy case that will set you back $21.99. So if you are into matching up your Apple gear perhaps a Game Boy case for both your iPhone 4 and Apple iPad 2 is just right for you. According to Lootiful, “Gear for Geeks is a freelance business run by a single graphic designer, located near Boston, Massachusetts in the USA. This designer has a love for videogames, a passion for making things, and a mission to continue making awesome products for his nerdy consumers. With your continued support, LOOTIFUL hopes to bring its cases to the iPad, iPod, and all future like-minded Apple products. It is also expanding into fashion, furniture, accessories, gadgets and more.”



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