EA announced PS3 motion controller support for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

Electronic Arts [EA] has confirmed that the next release of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 will support motion controls for the PlayStation 3. Though it’s not yet known that when Woods will be back but EA will bring “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11” on June 8 on almost every platform like Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and the iPhone. Sony has not revealed when the PS3 motion controllers will arrive.


Yesterday at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco Sony made the ho-hum news a bit more interesting when it announced that the game will support its as-yet-unnamed motion controller.

Sony promises “an authentic interactive swing experience” on the PS3, though it didn’t disclose any other details. EA Sports, on the other hand, had plenty to say about its upcoming Tiger Woods title, releasing a lengthy list of gameplay improvements. At the top of the list, the game will feature a Ryder Cup mode that will pit the Europeans versus the Americans in a number of different competitions. It was also confirmed that the Ryder Cup, held in Newport, Wales this summer, will be playable online with 12 versus 12 multiplayer support.

Readers might recall last year’s Tiger Woods title for the Nintendo Wii was bundled with the MotionPlus accessory as part of the device’s debut. Electronic Arts did not say whether they would embark on a similar partnership with Sony.

Speaking of the Wii, the Nintendo version of PGA Tour 11 will include advanced motion controls that “will read rotation and swing angle, while the Tour Pro swing mechanic assesses rotation, swing plane and point of contact,” reads a statement from EA.

PGA Tour 11’s Executive Producer Mike DeVault posted the list of improvements today on the game’s official blog, stating the changes were largely based on user feedback. New highlights include:

  • Variable wind. Said DeVault, “The wind will blow and gust just like it does in real life, even after the ball is in flight.”
  • Additional, more accurate pin placements.
  • A new physics system that emulates human error more closely.
  • Improved green characteristics. Said DeVault, “We’ve spent some time making the greens play more like true their true to life counterparts. The result is a green surface that is harder and faster than in years past and offers a more realistic feel.”
  • Advanced motion control. EA says it has significantly tweaked motion control support to more accurately emulate a real golf swing.
  • True view. Announced for the Wii and presumably for the PS3 motion-control version, true view will provide a first-person perspective to create “the most immersive and authentic golf experience in any videogame.”

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