Valve Finally Launches Steam For Linux Beta For All Users

Valve had recently launched Steam for Linux beta, much to the sheer joy of Linux gamers. However, the beta was limited only to a select few. Apparently as a holiday gift, the company has now opened the gates of its Steam for Linux beta to all users!

Steam for linux

When Valve initially launched Steam for Linux beta, it sought out such avid gamers who had a certain amount of knowledge about Linux as well as the many popular games on the portal. Naturally, that meant that only a few people were qualified enough to be a part of that first run.

However, the initial run also indicated that Valve was planning a full roll-out some time soon. Apparently, that time is now. We do hope that the thoughts behind launching the full roll-out of Steam for Linux now had more to with the fact that it is holiday season, than the speculations of an End of World doing their rounds.

The Linux beta is still far from being on full-throttle and Valve has announced that you can keep track of any bugs in the beta at the GitHub repository. You will also be able to discuss any issues related to the beta with the community at large.

Many have cited concerns regarding the amount of content that would be offered on the beta. But such concerns are only secondary since over time, more or less all the regular Steam content is expected to be made available for Linux users too.

Source: Steam

Courtesy: Engadget

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