Video Game Sales Suffer For Seven Consecutive Months

It seems, the video game sector is also among those who are unable to either keep up with the pace of the technology or unable to adapt it effectively enough. At least, the reports and statistics suggest so. For instance, a new report now divulges that the sales of video game in US as well as related hardware and accessories have been on a decline for the seventh consecutive month.

This clearly reflects a very abysmal situation of the video-games sector. In the month of June alone this year, the overall sales volume of video games has declined by a whopping 29 percent, taking it down to as low as $700 million in all.

The software portion or video game sales has declined by 29 percent, hitting $329 million. The decline in the sales volume of hardware is sharper, being estimated at 45 percent. This takes down the sales volume of hardware to $201 million.

Surprisingly, though, the overall sales of the accessories experience a slight bump of 4 percent, going up to $170 million. The report does not take into account of the sales figures of the digital or social-media spending by the users on games since that doesn’t really belong to the actual, hardcore video-game genre. Among the most-sold games, ‘Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes’ was at the top.

Courtesy: Huffpost

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