Xbox 360 Sales Higher Than Play Station 3

The last gaming console release by Microsoft, Xbox 360, has overtaken Play Station 3 and Wii in it’s overall sales. According to experts, Xbox 360’s sales have already crossed the 1.44 million figure which is whooping greater than 1.05 million units sold by Wii and 750,000 Play Station 3 units sold. Moreover, with that revamped look Microsoft is about to introduce on Xbox, there is a great chance that the sales will further be bolstered in the coming days.

The total sales figure of Xbox 360 present a 5 percent gain in overall sales for Microsoft over the last one year. This Black Friday truly proved to be the jackpot for Microsoft. The company sold the most game consoles sold in the history in a single week over the Black Friday weekend. According to Microsoft, it sold some 960,000 Xbox units and about 750,000 Kinetic sensors. Kinetic sensors allow motion-detection for Xbox 360 users and in a new update soon, Microsoft is expected to enable Kinetic sensors to recognize voice commands.

Another major update in the pipeline:
According to analysts, the sales of Xbox 360 is only one part of the picture for Microsoft. Because the tech giant is gearing up to release a major update in the coming days – an update which may make Xbox 360 the perfect substitute for a TV, or so it is aimed at. Microsoft is planning on revamping the Xbox so that users can now access a plethora of content online from many notable channels. This will put Xbox right into the heart of TV entertainment, which is certainly a huge step by Microsoft. What remains to be seen is how successful will this move be.

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