XCM Cyberchrome Case For PS3 Slim Looks Cool

Are you bored of the classy, traditional black case of your Sony PlayStation 3 slim? XCM brings a new Cyberchrome case for PS3 Slim. It’s a replacement of your black cover. And it will cost you $69.99. The new cover is shiny, glossy silver, which will add extra glamor to your PS3.


The new XCM Cyberchrome case gives your PS3 a nice shiny chrome exterior. From the pics, the Cyberchrome is a complete replacement shell, not just a cover that snaps over your original case.


XCM made chrome cover for Xbox 360 before. But definitely, PS3 version is far better than the Xbox version.

Why be plain when you can stand out from the rest? Why have a black PS3 slim at home when you can have the Cyberchrome!


Source: Gizmodo, Total Console, Technabob

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