Zynga And Electronic Arts Reach Settlement, Mutual Lawsuits Dismissed

Zynga and Electronic Arts have been embroiled in lawsuits filed against each other for a while now. The legal battle between the two started in August last year, and had dragged on to 2013 without bearing any results. Thankfully, both companies have reached an agreement.

EA vs Zynga

Back in August 2012, Electronic Arts alleged that Zynga’s ‘The Ville’ game was an ‘unmistakable copy’ of ‘The Sims Social’ by the former. According to the game studio, Zynga copied a number of elements from ‘The Sims Social’, such as the animation sequences, character actions and motions as well as certain audio-visual elements.

Electronic Arts had further alleged that the character creation system in ‘The Ville’ was copied as it is from ‘The Sims Social.’ While Electronic Arts did seem to have a solid case, Zynga didn’t take the heat lying down. The social gaming giant launched a counter-suit against EA, stating that EA had allegedly indulged in anti-competitive business practices.

Now, after months of litigation, the two companies have finally reached an out-of-court agreement and have decided to trash their mutual lawsuits. According to the statements issued by spokespersons of both companies, “EA and Zynga have resolved their respective claims and have reached a settlement of their litigation in the Northern District of California.”

Courtesy: Reuters

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