GM2 SFV1 Air Upgrade Kit For MacBook Air

PhotoFast comes with GM2 SFV1 Air aupgrade kit for MacBook Air.It’s new card like HDD Air MacBook mini with capacity of 256GB.GM2 SFV1 Air is also have  Sandforce SF-1200 controller and USB 3.0 flash drive…..

PhotoFast Global Inc. a pioneer in creative, high quality and extreme performance flash-based storage manufacturer, today revealed its new line of SSD for Mac upgrades. Relied the solid partner in SSD solutions, PhotoFast demand to bring a combination of performance and capacity for the lightest MacBook Air ever.Apple Fans deserve better things. The new MacBook Air has already been a successful product. It’s ultra portable, good performance and gorgeous industrial design. But we have decided to offer even more. An alternative SSD choice from PhotoFast where users would benefit more from its great performance and large capacity. Now the 11.6″ MacBook Air with 256GB SSD comes to your option list.

SandForce is well-known for one of the best SSD controller manufacturer who we have solid partnership with. “Creating a whole new form factor SSD in the very limited time was quite a challenge. Thanks to support from SandForce, we finally made it” said chief engineer Eddie Wang. There’s one more thing, the SSD to USB 3.0 adapter. Considering system switch or clone to new drive, we added this handy adapter with a housing which makes upgrade even easier. And making your spare SSD a portable storage device.

Features :

  • Above 30% performance increase from original
  • USB 3.0 adapter for system clone, and for spare SSD to act as portable storage device.
  • 256GB SSD option for 11.6″ MBA
  • SandForce SF-1200 Controller
  • Customized SATA interface
  • Support NAND Flash


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