Griffin StompBox

Griffin’s StompBox utilises the iPad and the application to give you a fully functioning and it gives limitless electric guitar pedalboards. Griffin teamed with Shred Live at Frontier Design Group to create the StompBox which is for the serious iOS musician with its assignable foot switches and a 1/4″ effects pedal input jack……..

Griffin StompBox is a professional-quality pedalboard for iPad. With assignable foot switches and a 1/4″ expression pedal input.StompBox allows musicians to use their compatible iOS device as a portable, programmable effects board and practice rig whilst recreating the experience of an actual pedalboard.Developed in partnership with Frontier Design Group—developers of iShred LIVE, iShred, Guitar and other apps for iOS devices.StompBox brings a new level of realism to iPad-based music. StompBox allows players to switch effects with their feet without taking their hands off the instrument.

StompBox connects to a compatible iPad or other iOS device with a 1 metre, heavy-duty dock connector cable and gives the user four rugged, professional quality, stomp-ready foot switches.The switches can be assigned through iShred LIVE to control different effects and pre-sets within the App. There is hardly a feature or adjustable parameter in iShred LIVE that StompBox cannot control.It also controls the tuner, metronome, playback controls and more.tompBox is packaged with the Griffin GuitarConnect Cable and optimised for use with iShred LIVE. At launch, iShred LIVE will feature a number of StompBox-ready updates, including an intuitive StompBox setup interface and new effects like Overdrive and Wah-Wah.


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