Capture-3D Scan Anything With Your iPhone

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Want to capture the world in more than just 2 dimensions? Try 3D scanning anything or anyone with Capture, the fastest and most accurate iPhone scanning app available!

3D Scan With Camera

Use Capture-3D to take 3D scans, share them with friends, or save and download them in any file format. You start off by scanning an object. Take a scan of a static object just like you take a panorama photo. Well, not just like taking a panorama photo. When taking a Panorama picture you move your phone sideways. Also, the Panorama image is 2D. On the other hand, when using Capture-3D, you move your camera freely around the object, keeping the object always inside the frame.

After you are done with scanning, you can either preview your scan in a model environment or place it in Augmented Reality. For example, you can scan a Sofa-Set you saw in a store, save the scan, come back home and place it in your living room to check whether it would match the other furniture.

Capture-3D can be used for both fun and office work. As the App allows users to save the scan in various different formats, it can be further modified. Also, you can send your scan to a friend via iMessage, Slack, WhatsApp, and more. All iPhones will be able to view the scan and place it in Augmented Reality, even if the model does not have a TrueDepth camera.

Capture-3D can be very addictive. Why wouldn’t it, it’s nothing like the other Apps out there. So don’t go hard on yourself if you find spending hours scanning objects with the App. What you should be worried about is storage. However, it isn’t a must that you store all the scans on your phone. Instead, you can sign up for a free account to save and view your scans to From there, you can download the files as .obj or .stl meshes, or download the original .ply

Wrapping Up!

Now there is a reason why Capture-3D works only in iPhone X, Xs, XR, or Xs Max. The App requires the TrueDepth camera only available in the iPhone X series phones. Moreover, the TrueDepth feature is only available in the Front Camera and is suited for scanning objects in close proximity. So if you find the App is making very sloppy scans, try using the App with the object in your hands.

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