Almost 46% of App Store Visitors Have Already Adopted iOS 8

According to App Store Distribution page, 46% of Apple devices are already running with the new iOS 8. But this percentages measure only the devices which visited App Store on Sunday, 21 September.

iOS 8

Initial reports from Apple website has shown that 46% Apple users adopted the new iOS 8 within the first 4 days. It is to be noted here that iOS 8 was released on 17 September and according to that statistic, 46% of App Store visitors are using the latest operating system by 21th night of September. Major users are still using iOS 7. Statistic shows that 49% users are using iOS7. Rest 5% are using earlier version.


Comparing iOS 8 adaption with iOS 7 adaption, it’s pretty impressive that iOS 7 took three months to get 74% adoption and ten months to get 90% adoption. But iOS 8 got almost 50% adaption within 4 days. However, app developers have updated many apps to make it compatible with advanced features. For getting those cool features, iOS 8 users are visiting App Store and updating their apps.

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