A5 Devices Can Be Downgraded From iOS 5.1.x To iOS 5.0.1 Through An Unreleased Technique

iOS hackers are an intelligent lot. They often have a knack of knowing such secret details of iOS devices that one keeps wondering how on earth do they stumble across them. For instance, the notable iOS hacker, MuscleNerd, has sent ripples through the iOS community through a rather shocking announcement on his Twitter account.

This rather surprising announcement from MuscleNerd reads, “5.1.1 shows Apple knows about an unreleased technique to downgrade A5 devices to 5.0.1 with saved blobs (but left it alone..hmm).”

In light of what MuscleNerd has stated, this essentially means that if you are using an iPad 2 or a new iPad or an iPhone 4S, and if you have upgraded to iOS 5.1, you can downgrade to an earlier version of iOS, namely iOS 5.0.1.

For long, iOS users often mistakenly upgrade to a new iOS release only to find out that their jailbreak is no longer valid. This could have been tackled if the technique which MuscleNerd is talking about was public. However, it is not public and it can still be used since Apple hasn’t done anything to bar it from working.

The reason why Apple didn’t do anything about it is precisely that since it is not used publicly or even known by many, Apple didn’t feel the need to patch it.

Source: MuscleNerd

Courtesy: iClarified

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