Antid0te Jailbreak Tool Will Make Your iDevice More Secure

A hacker managed to break into an iPhone and hijack the entire SMS database; including messages that had been deleted.Now besides the fact that it is unbelievable that the iPhone is this un-secure; it has inspired a security analyst who goes by the name of Stefan Esser to develop a jailbreaking tool that will automatically make all iDevices more secure by using ASLR technology.

This enables users with jailbroken iPhones to create their own set of dyld_shared_cache files that have completely different library load addresses from every other iPhone in the world,” Esser wrote in an email. “This is already a better ASLR than what exists on Snow Leopard because different applications can use different shared caches and therefore different load addresses.

Stefan plans to introduce ASLR technology to Apple iDevices, in the form of a new jailbreaking tool he calls ‘”antid0te”. Once jailbroken with Antidode ASLR technology will be applied to your iDevice, making your iDevice more secure than if it wasn’t jailbroken. You see, it is the fact that the iOS firmware does not include ASLR technology, that allowed this hacker to break into an iPhone within 20 seconds. With ASLR technology present on your iDevice, breaking into the iPhone would of been 10x harder.

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